One In A Million

No matter how many times I’ve been surprised by the prevailing circumstances in my life, there has always been room for one more incidence of novelty. Nothing exceptional or otherwise apocalyptic (especially that), but a rough and ready newness that defies time and space. In short, for every inhalation, there’s an exhalation, and that means letting go instead of trying to control everything around me and those I love. Enjoy!


Literalness is a box that makes me feel claustrophobic.

Therefore, I cut my way out with handy metaphors.

For example: “Love is always hungry; it demands

our whole lives.” Currently, I remain detached from

that, owing to a prior attachment. Once again, I

stepped outside the box, washing myself in sunshine,

and I came out dripping wet. For companionship outside

the box, I established a rapport with a warhorse symphony

– I shall not name it. My heart, as a universal translator,

imbibes this musical language. And it makes me feel as

though I could become the best argument for God’s existence.

Now, anyone can dance in the dark, but can you live in the

light outside the box? There aren’t enough days in the calendar

to waste living inside that box. I prefer it outside where I know

I am being built from the inside out. I breathe and I see that it’s

not heaven until it’s heaven in my heart.

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