Ring Around The Poesy

For those of you not accustomed to antiquated terms, the word ‘poesy’ is an outmoded word once used to denote poetry. I am also hoping it isn’t hard to understand why I chose the archaic rendering instead of the modern term.

In any event, the following poem of mine, A Perfect Ring, is not entirely autobiographical. I wanted to point that out right up front. This is my blog, not my confessional; and while I have, on occasion, used this platform to reveal some inner workings of my soul, the products of my imagination are just that. Occasionally, God is pleased to make some of His truth bleed through the awkward and halting prose and poetry which I write.

What this poem is is a blend of earthly, but not earthbound, wisdom à la The Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes and the encounter with God and the prophet Elijah as told in 1 Kings 19. The longer I live, the more I find that what I need to do most urgently is simply ‘be’ in God’s presence. Until and unless I do that, I will not be fruitful in my life; at least in the way the Lord intends, and that is what counts for me.

Life doesn’t happen in easily digestible portions; it often develops haphazardly, even chaotically at times ( or is it just me?). Throughout this life – the portion I call mine – there is a perfection revealed to me and God both possesses it and is it. Here on good ‘ole planet Earth, I am blessed to know inklings of that perfection in my wife, Laurie (I’ll never live that one down now), and did so on the lengthy trip from which we recently returned (more about that in future blog posts).

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